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Paint Jams:

-"Upfest 2018" Bristol. The Steem Crane pub. 29th of July.

-"WXSP 2018" 15th of July.

-"Beatbox Battle" Nomadic Garden 1st of July 2017.

-Paint Jam “Do1 Cancer” Leake Street 9th of July 2017.

-Paint Jam “Meeting of Styles Pre-Party” and “Meeting of Styles” Nomadic Community Gardens. July 2017.

-"Artist Paint Jam" organised by the Family Collective. May 2017.

-Paint Jam "#51%rememberher exhibition" at the Tower Gallery in Plaistow. 11th of March 2017. 

-Paint Jam “Paint Jam Live Event” 28th August 2016. Stencil work called “Follow your Dreams” organised by 840. Bernie Grant Art Centre. Tottenham.

-Paint Jam “Hip Hop: Summer Jam”. Organised by Hip Hop Says. Stencil work called “Brainxit”. 24th July 2016. Markfield Park. Tottenham.

-Paint Jam “Do One Cancer Paint Jam”. 3rd  July 2016. Stencil work called “For Sandra”. Leake street.

-Paint Jam “Femme Fierce”. 7th May 2016. Stencil work called “Follow your Dreams”. Leake Street.

-Paint Jam “May Day Paint Jam”. 2nd May 2016. Stencil work called “Ferpico”. Leake Street.


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