The Urge to Paint

This blog entry is about love. Love for what you do and love for art. I always remember a "little" me drawing non-stop in a very obsessive way, I would say. I remember the hours and hours that weren't never enough in a day, the drawings I made, as well as the learning process.

Of course, this changed when I grew older with the studies, with the urge to have a career and a job...

I never thought I would go back to drawing, needless to say, that I would be painting or even calling myself an artist, funny enough.

But it is that intrinsic thing in oneself that makes you always go back to the origin. Your essence. Art is what me sane, I suppose.

I have to thank my family for their support because they always knew I was and artist and understand what I do and why I do it. Also thanks to my closest friends and fellow artists and artists involved in Art House Project in the last two years.

And to you, I just want to say keep loving what you love and "Follow your Dreams".

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