Wow! 2019 what a year! I have decided to do a bit of a count of the art projects I have been involved in this year as I saw some artists doing. Not to show off. I don't think I artists have to. Just because I think it would motivate me more to continue working this year in the same line.

So here we go:

-I have taken part in fourteen collective shows or art events.

-I had my first solo show "Kiss my Lips".

-I have painted ten walls. I didn't think they were that many!

-I have curated nine collective shows for Art House Project. One of them, NOT my Planet lasted for 20 days. Very stressful! ;). All our events have been free and open to everybody. They are DIY shows, as we call them, and support artists completely.

-My work in the streets appeared in a music video by @berrytheartist and I was interviewed for a documentary about the Nomadic Gardens (recently closed :()

-Going to Cheltenham with my lovely friend @malimowcka was really crazy and fun.

-I loved getting involved with the No Hate Family project which has spread all around the world and Micro Galleries.

Oh yes! I feel much more motivated now to start 2020 the way I finish it...doing a lot of art!

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