Riot of Colours Art and Music Event

What amazing few months I have just had! I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many creative people who share the same love for art and want to make things happen.

Our Art House Project has been going really well, growing bigger and bigger each time. We have just done our third event called Riot of Colours, at the German Deli in Hackney Wick two weeks ago. The whole idea was to make a little festival in the venue, and so we did!

Ok… it was bank holiday and the weather was on our side so the turn up was better than we expected, even though there were lots of festivals and parties to go to during the long weekend.

We had lots going on: stalls, art exhibition, live painting, live pasting up, art raffle, house music and delicious hot dogs. Artists had created lots of craft and art, all affordable, that sold very well in the stalls. And…we managed to protect all artists from the sun, which made me very happy.

The art exhibition looked really good on the German Deli walls displaying a big variety of media and styles from our artists. There was also lot of cohesion in the music selection from our djs in the day.

Live painting and paste up attracted lots of attention. It was lovely to see the people sitting on the benches overlooking Orbit and VaneMG’s progress on two panels courtesy of the German Deli. Maria Linares and Mali Mowcka also painted live beautiful mystic motives.

There was a massive turn up of paste up artists. I would really like to thank them because it is very hard to meet them…you know what I am talking about. Their composition was amazing full of critical references to social and political issues, the way I like it.

I particularly enjoyed the art raffle for which I should thank all artists who donated a piece and people attending who bought tickets. Thanks to your contributions we will be able to organise future events hopefully.

Here follows a selection of good moments from our Riot of Colours and if you saw something that caught your eye then, want to browse, do a little research or contact any of the artists, here we go:


@robin_chuter @apparan @catpiemagic @tangiolini @hellothemushroom @mowcka @joebloggsartist @vaneMG @original_syna @marialinaresfreire @monicasablone


@robin_chuter @apparan @catpiemagic @vaneMG @original_syna @mowcka @monicasablone


@macelinawick @ekayhouse @underthedecks and more.

Live painting:

@orbit @vaneMG @mowcka @marialinares

Paste ups:

@oddopersonnosrep @subduded @apparan @mowcka @uberfubs @smiler_2018 @inkteraktiv @chaplinseventyfhree @joebloggsartist @mcl_art @bigtwestbrook

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