Butterflies Explosion

My piece “Butterflies Explosion” commissioned by Evergreen Reputation is finished now! Ready for you to go and see it on one of the hoardings at Leake Street Arches.

And what a learning experience it has been!

This has been the biggest painting project I have had so far. I am glad I took the challenge. I can honestly say that I’m very pleased with the results. I changed my initial idea to a different design as I wanted to push myself further and do a bit more challenging piece. Anyway, I thought, in the worst of the cases, I could always paint over it and start again.

This project took four days. The first day, I painted the back coat in white. Not the most exciting of the days I would say. The result, two casualties: roller stick broken and paint jumpsuit torn.

I divided my sketch into squares to get proportions right on the second day. An idea given by my friend La Demonio, that proved to be very useful. Somehow, even though I was all in pain after painting with the roller up and down the day before, I feel I did most of the work that day…shall we call it inspiration?

On the third day… it started to snow! It was magical to be standing on the scaffolding while the snow was falling…however, my gold sprays got jammed because of the cold (another thing I learnt) and I had to call it off. Fingers and toes were too frozen to be going up and down the slippery scaffolding…

On the last day, still recuperating from a horrible cold, I gave texture to the lady’s shirt using a lace cloth, and painted the butterflies listening to music from a rock concert in the House of Vans. It gave me the final push to finish it.

In “Butterfly Explosion” I wanted to depict the feeling that people and more concretely women, have when they get to do what they love. It is directly inspired by the expression “having butterflies in the stomach” which, in this case can no longer be contained and break out of the chest. Some people also see it as a representation of a Greek divinity, which I think it is a good interpretation.

Finally, I would love to hear your opinions, interpretations and ideas.

#urbanart #graffitiinLondon #graffiti #LeakeStreet

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