Aranzazu Art

I am an illustrator, street artist and curator from Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Passionate about art from a young age, I have always been creating all through my life with some breaks to study a degree in foreign languages and a master in applied linguistics.
I have studied life drawing in Hackney College. I use watercolours and pastels in my illustrations and stencil and sprays in my murals. I have started to use spray paint in my illustrations very recently too which has given a twist into my work.
In my work, I deal with social issues like environment and gender equality. My murals usually depict women's issues and struggles I read about in the news or gender related publications, and empowerment. I believe that with women joining forces, education and positive universe energy and love, we can succeed in our search for equality.
I am a member of different art collectives in Spain and London which has provided me with lots of contacts with people in the art world and art projects. I have participated in several collective exhibitions organised by Perro Flaco Art in Lanzarote, The Family collective and numerous graffiti paint jams in London.
I have coorganised and curated several exhibitions and I have recently founded the Art House Project bringing House Music and underground art together in different venues in London.

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